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In his promotional videos and in person, successful entrepreneur Datuk Aliff Syukri Kamarzaman has always been seen to be somewhat over-the-top when promoting his range of products.

Now, he gets to put his penchant for theatrics on the big screen as he makes his acting debut in Datuk Professor Dr A. Razak Mohaideen’s superhero film, Badang.

“I want to prove to every-one that besides sellingjamu (traditional herbs), acting is my hidden skill,” Aliff said in an interview at the film’s script-reading session at Intekma Resort and Convention Centre in Shah Alam.

Playing the titular role, the 29-year-old says Ba-dang is a poor but beefy villager who gains superpowers.

He uses them to help the needy and the poor, and seeks revenge for his mother’s murder.

Along the way, he falls for a beautiful thief named Tisha (played by Fasha Sandha) in the heroic story of love, courage, revenge and family.

Committed, Aliff took acting courses for two months to prepare for the film, which is set to hit cinemas by the end of the year.

He reveals the hardest challenge for him was to act all “macho” for the role.

“Honestly, I don’t know how they’re going to make me look with that well-built physique.

“We’ll just have to wait and see, don’t we?” he says.

Aliff even got his wife, Datin Nur Shahida Mohd Rashid, to take over his managing directorial work for D’Herbs for two months so that he could focus on Badang.

“I want my acting to be remembered by moviegoers.

“I hope to win a Best New Actor award!”

Initially, five actors were short-listed to play Badang, but Aliff won the role after the production ran a public poll to find who Malaysians would want to see playing the role. Aliff was the clear winner.

Aliff says acting is a career he had always wanted to get into, but one that his family doesn’t favour.

“You know, you’re only young once. When the opportunity comes, why not just grab it?

“I have this strong urge to prove that I can make acting a serious career option.”

Aliff is confident that Badang, produced by FiTA Studios, will be a box-office success because he believes in Razak’s directing capability and FiTA Studios’ collaboration with KRU Studios on the computer-generated imagery work.

Admitting to having been offered supporting roles prior to Badang, Aliff says he had to turn them down due to his business commitments at the time.

“But after this, if offers come my way, I’m thinking of indulging in my acting passion once every year.”