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Where celebrities sell their preloved items

By Tahir Alhamzah


Latest online shopping portal Section 1 is a hit among celebrities-turned-entrepreneurs, writes Tahir Alhamzah.

SPRING-CLEANING does not necessarily mean throwing your things into the bin. For popular actress Anzalna Nasir, making some space in her wardrobe means selling off some of her stuff at affordable prices.

Bargain hunters love to get their hands on some of the designer items which are offered at low prices, previously owned by their favourite celebrity.

Anzalna is putting up several pairs of high-heeled footwear, including two pairs of the popular red-soled shoe brand Christian Louboutin, at half the price. Others include a pair of Versace heels and two sling bags, also from the Italian fashion house.

Instead of selling the items herself, the busy actress opted to put them up for sale on Section 1, the newly-launched shopping portal.

“Besides, I love to support local ventures such as this portal. It’s great that Section 1 came up with the idea of including celebrities.

“Those interested in my shoes should take note that your size must be either 36 or 37. Or a buyer can also get the items as part of her collection,” says Anzalna.


The e-commerce platform, a business venture by UiTM Holdings, caters to everyone — from celebrities and students to vendors — to promote their products.

Named after the location of the main Universiti Teknologi Mara campus in Shah Alam, Section 1 has two objectives: providing a platform for merchants to sell their wares; and being an alternative avenue for those who prefer to shop from the comfort of their homes.

With more than 1,000 products ranging from beauty and clothing to books, the online portal has three types of merchandise: Preloved celebrity items, products by celebrities and products sold by non-celebrity vendors.

Other celebrities selling off their personal items on Section 1 include Anugerah Juara Lagu 31 Best Vocal champion Dayang Nurfaizah as well as actors Hafidz Roshdi and Amar Asyraf. Chef Zaidah, who once hosted a TV cookery show, is also selling some of her costume jewellery as well as decorative items for the kitchen.

Popular celebrities-turned-entrepreneurs like Ziana Zain, Zara Zya, Fiza Sabjahan, Anis Al Idrus, Amin Hayat, the band Bunkface, Khai and Rosma also are selling their products at the portal.

“It’s a good opportunity to sell Gee Shawl by Ziana Zain’s World,” says the singer, who launched her range of shawls (made from fabrics sourced from India) last September.

“When I saw friends in the industry doing well in business, it fired me up too to try my hand at it. While singing is my main source of income, I’m open to exploring other avenues,” says the 48-year-old Ziana.

However, once she got her foot in business, she discovered that it is no walk in the park. “You need to work hard. It took me three days in India to source for materials, walking from one shop to another.

“Being an artiste or a celebrity is not a ticket to an easy journey in business. Without executing proper strategies such as visiting your booth and getting close to your buyers, a celebrity may not see his or her business flourish,” says Ziana, whose hijab items are sold between RM69.90 and RM99.90 each,

Although doing business can be a little tiring, Ziana admits that it’s still a very good experience and she’s raring to explore further.


Besides celebrities peddling their wares, Section 1 has roped in singer Kaka Azraff and Bunkface as its brand ambassadors. Bunkface wrote the portal’s theme song Shopping Is Forever, which is performed together with Kaka.

Section One chief executive officer Irmawati Mahamad Tahir said promotional activities in the pipeline this year include three events — Shopaholic Run, Section 1 Roadtrip to UiTM and a concert titled Heart & Soul.




















“It’s great that Section 1 came up with the idea of including celebrities”. Anzalna Nasir.
























Ziana Zain is among the celebrities who sells their products at the portal.