About Us

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Board of Directors

UiTM Holdings Group of Companies is governed by a Board of Directors with diverse professional backgrounds and expertise who are responsible for the overall governance and performance of UiTM Holdings Group of Companies.

Executive Committee

Our Executive Committee are forward thinkers who are deeply committed to UiTM Holdings Group of Companies’ core values and goals. They are responsible for directing the growth journey of UiTM Holdings Group of Companies and its people.

Senior Management

Our Senior Management Team are responsible to bring the companies forward. Armed with skills from various background, they are confident to be the market leaders for each business under their care.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

An active strategic investor that creates optimum value and returns to stakeholders in achieving the 30% target of the University’s operating cost requirement

Our Mission

To seek and facilitate the commercialisation of niche areas within UiTM system into highly profitable businesses.

Our Logo

The triangular arrangement of various sizes represents the Golden Mean or the Golden Ratio or the Phi. These represent the mother of all knowledge which also symbolises the metaphorical bridge to all knowledge of the universe. It is here that all knowledge of beauty and the balance between the creation and every component of the universe is laid upon. It is a visual expression that signifies commitment and dynamism to be an industry leader. It also reflects the whole organisation’s statement of determination to excel and persevere.

Two crossed kerises symbolise the sovereignty of the Malay kings and the struggle of the Malays to uphold the excellence and sovereignty of the nation. The Rehal that embellishes the golden triangular motive representing the knowledge epitomised by all Islamic scholars that have efficaciously refined all the knowledge of the Islamic civilisation.  It represents our aim that this splendour will continue to exist within the sanctity of Islam while upholding peace, harmony, congruence of opulence, and garrison of ummah.

The shade of purple represents the Universiti Teknologi MARA as the centre of knowledge while the golden tone envisions the opportunities and prospects of success in this world and the hereafter. The amalgamation envisages the position of UiTM Holdings as the link between skills and creative mode in income and wealth generation, rich in innovation and integrity.

Success in business today requires a huge determination and smart access to business opportunities.

Bridging Opportunities serves to describe UiTM Holdings’ way of doing business. UiTM Holdings acts as a link committed to transform ideas into action, and income generation into wealth creation.

We are the gap bridging entity mandated to fulfil the wealth creation for Universiti Teknologi MARA, to create investment opportunities and enhance the strategic positioning of our core businesses.  It is our investment philosophy to create an efficient way to achieve results, focusing on key points for acceptance, and to guide the assessment and evaluation of any investment opportunities.

We are also guided by the need to continuously create a unique competitive advantage to exceed our stakeholders’ expectations by ensuring that there is a strong organisational alignment towards achieving our goals.

It is hoped that Bridging Opportunities echoes the aspiration of Mengubah Destini Anak Bangsa.