UiTM Innovation Sdn Bhd

UiTM Innovation Sdn. Bhd. was established in 2015 and is located at Intekma Resort, Shah Alam. The establishment of UISB serves to bring the technologies/products created by UiTM researchers to the global market through licensing or exploiting of UiTM intellectual properties.

UISB works closely with Research Innovation Business Unit (RIBU), IRMI to provide the necessary resources and network to bring together UiTM researchers and industry players for mutually beneficial collaborations and translate it to be applicable in the market with an economic benefit.

The goal is to proactively generate unrestricted income through licensing and assignment of R&D products and technologies as well as to support income generating activities in UiTM. UISB is always committed to:

  • provide a conducive commercialization landscape to the researcher;
  • carry all commercialization activities through licensing, assignment or any other suitable business modes;
  • manage the financial distribution and arrangement resulting from the transfer of technology;
  • find potential ventures or business partners;
  • scout and promote new and existing technologies.