UiTM Solar Power Sdn Bhd

UiTM Solar Power Sdn Bhd (USPSB) is a subsidiary of UiTM Property Management Sdn Bhd (UPMSB). UPMSB, headed by Dato’ Chairil Nazri Ahmad, is the parent company which focuses on three main areas of business:

  • Energy Ventures
  • Smart Energy Solutions
  • Total Outsourced Solutions

USPSB is the Energy arm UPMSB and focuses on the business of Energy Ventures.  This covers Energy Generation of Traditional Energy and Renewable Energy. USPSB is helmed by Dr Amir Hisham Hashim, the CEO of the company, and is mainly involved in the following activities:

  • Distributed energy generation – Construction, installation, maintenance, and ownership of Large Scale Solar Photovoltaic systems & mini/micro Combined Heat and Power systems
  • Distributed energy storage – Ownership, installation and maintenance of battery storage facilities
  • Energy Infrastructure – Grid connection works, ownership, installation and maintenance of public charging points
  • Smart Grid and Energy Flow Optimisation development, installation and maintenance
  • Feasibility Studies, Land Acquisition, Technical & Financial Design and Modelling and Project Management of Energy Based Infrastructure and Installations

Currently USPSB is in the midst of constructing a 50 MW Large Scale Solar Photovoltaic Plant in Gambang, Pahang. It is expected to be completed in Q4 2018 and ultimately generate electricity to the vicinity of the city of Kuantan. When complete, USPSB will own and operate the solar plant for a 21 year period, selling the power to TNB via a Power Purchase Agreement.

Having a vision of being a leader in Renewable Energy generation and distribution, USPSB is pursuing an aggressive strategy of developing more Large Scale Solar PV Plants in the future, as well as participating in various strategic partnerships with renowned RE players to roll out green energy generation projects throughout the country as well as the ASEAN region.  It is targeting to achieve an annual revenue of over RM 200 million by 2025.