“Getting to Know Internal Auditing” by Group Internal Audit

On 15 December 2022, Group Internal Audit (GIA) organized an internal training “Getting to Know Internal Auditing”. The training has been held at Amethyst Room, Dataran PHB, attended by 20 UHSB staff including subsidiaries. The main objective of this internal training is to give an approach for staff by departments and subsidiaries on internal auditing duties, at the same time to get them well-prepared before the auditing process by GIA.

Head of GIA, En Shazrin Shah bin Mohd Norshah who has been an expert for more than 20 years in auditing terminology since 2002, shared his experiences and views with the participants on the main function of the audit department. He also highlighted that the role of audit department is important in an organization as they can help to identify any skepticism and any unwanted events from happening and to identify risks for management to understand.

The two-hour sharing session was very informative, fun, and relaxing. The participants also enjoyed to share their experiences and views relating to internal auditing during the sharing session.