Our Core Business


Recognized over 30 years of excellent track records, you may want to consider our private college as a first step or pathway that will help our students find direction while learning the vital skills to become more informed and better prepared especially for the overseas bound candidates. Offering highly credible overseas preparatory programmes such as American Degree Foundation Programme (ADFP), American Credit Transfer Programme (ACTP), A-Level, A-Level German (ALG), SACE International Programme (formerly known as AUSMAT), Look-East Policy Japan Programme, we also have quite a few selection of courses including Look-East Policy Korean Programme, INTEC Foundation Studies: France and INTEC Foundation Studies: Middle-East.

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Committed to being the best provider of long term care, UiTM Holdings Group of Companies strives to meet customers’ needs through delivering innovative healthcare services which adheres to the world standard of healthcare practices, whilst preserving the right and dignity of our customers. Operated at the Clinic Training Centre (CTC), it has two main components which are private specialist clinic and private specialist ward where customers can have access to modern, efficient, world standard and affordable healthcare services.

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UiTM Holdings Group of Companies also provides a wide range of hospitality services such as accommodation, buffet, outside catering, wedding packages, banquet hall for weddings or special events, including furnished rooms for functions, small get-together or team-building sessions.

In addition, we are also expanding our hospitality offerings through professional offshore catering services for oil and gas industry locally and internationally by utilizing educated, highly skilled and potential graduates from the Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Management, Universiti Teknologi MARA.

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Energy & Facilities

UiTM Property Management Sdn Bhd (UPMSB) is a wholly owned subsidiary of UiTM Holdings Group of Companies, and is well poised to help companies grow and develop with efficiency and sustainability as a key component for operations and growth. It has three key business divisions: Energy Ventures, Smart Energy Solutions and Total Outsource Solutions.

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Our Non-Core Business


At UiTM Holdings Group of Companies, our aim is to match your ambition with our passion and expertise by continuously producing creative and high quality products ranging from amazing designs, interactive websites, advertisements, branding and development consultation, to producing and distributing local and international entertainment products.

We also have an Art Centre where you can find the best of modern and contemporary Malaysian artworks, ranging from historically significant to the cutting-edge.

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In line with the mission to be a market leader in providing printing and copier services, UiTM Holdings Group of Companies has taken the lead in the strategic retail and services business by creating and developing strategic partnership with established vendors for more than 10 years.

We provide services such as E-Commerce shopping website called Section1.com.my, sales of reference books, retail such as photocopy, printing and many more, supply a range of notebook brands for UiTM lecturers including machine rentals.

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Innovation & Technology

Innovations in technology not only has become a game changer in assisting people in their day-to-day lives and their business needs but also for education transformation. At UiTM Holdings Group of Companies, we offer knowledge intensive business services to the education community while transforming education system in Asia Pacific region as a whole.

We also provide high-technology products and services that are a suite of solutions to issues faced by businesses and individuals.

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Human Capital

UiTM Holdings Group of Companies has a job portal that serves as the best destination for online employment. Our focus lies in sourcing the best candidates available and matching job seekers with the right companies. With the latest innovation of technology, we offer the most cost-effective resource to aspiring and accomplished candidates through sending email alert and job directly on candidates’ profiles. We also provide clients with immediate access to outstanding staff for more convenient recruitment.

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Technology, Multimedia & Telecommunication

As the university’s best intellectual property and commercialization business arm in Malaysia, UiTM Holdings Group of Companies serves to bring the technologies & products created by our own UiTM researchers to the global market through licensing or exploiting of UiTM intellectual properties.

We work closely with Research Innovation Business Unit (RIBU) and Institute of Research Management and Innovation (IRMI), providing the necessary resources and network to bring together UiTM researchers and industry players for mutually beneficial collaborations

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Our Subsidiaries