Governance Policies and Compliance

At UiTM Holdings Sdn Bhd, we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of corporate governance and ethical conduct. Our comprehensive policies are designed to ensure integrity, transparency, and accountability in all our operations. Explore our key governance policies below to understand how we maintain our commitment to ethical business practices and regulatory compliance.


The Group is committed to the highest standard of integrity, openness, and accountability in the conduct of all its business and aspires to conduct its affairs ethically, responsibly, and transparently. In line with this commitment, the Group expects those who have concerns about any suspected misconduct (including fraud, bribery or corrupt practice, theft, abuse of power, violation of laws and regulations, and any intentional act deliberately designed to cause loss to the Company) to come forward and voice those concerns. Whistleblowers can disclose these concerns in good faith without fear of punishment or unfair treatment.

The report of any misconduct can be made via
email: [email protected] or [email protected]

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UiTM Holdings Sdn Bhd and its subsidiaries are committed to conduct business dealings professionally, ethically and with the highest standard of integrity. This means avoiding practices of bribery and corruption in all forms in the company’s daily operations. The Group has adopted a zero-tolerance approach against all forms of bribery and corruption and towards any breaches involving the management, employees and business partners. It takes a strong stance against such acts.

The Group views corrupt acts very seriously and shall ensure compliance with all applicable anti-corruption laws and regulations.

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The Group is fully committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and transparency in all its operations. Recognizing that conflicts of interest can compromise the trust and credibility of UiTM Holdings Group of Companies, we are dedicated to proactive identification, full disclosure, transparent decision-making, equitable resolution, continuous monitoring, and fostering a culture of integrity. We recognize the critical importance of managing conflicts of interest to preserve the trust of our stakeholders and the public.

By adhering to these commitments, we aim to ensure that all actions and decisions made within The Group are in the best interests of those we serve, and we continue to operate with the highest level of accountability and trustworthiness.

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UiTM Holdings Sdn Bhd and its subsidiaries are committed to managing external influences with utmost integrity and issuing support letters that accurately reflect our mission and values. By adhering to this policy, we ensure that our operations remain independent, transparent, and ethical, fostering trust and credibility among our stakeholders.

This policy will be reviewed periodically to adapt to emerging challenges and ensure it continues to support The Group's integrity and strategic objectives.

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The Group is committed to upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct, legal compliance, and social responsibility in all our business dealings. This commitment extends to our relationships with vendors, suppliers, and business partners. The Vendor Code of Conduct Policy outlines our expectations and requirements for ethical behaviour, environmental responsibility, human rights, and quality standards among our vendors.

UiTM Holdings Sdn Bhd aims to ensure that the supply chain operations are ethical, sustainable, and aligned with the core values. We believe that maintaining these high standards is essential to the success of our organization and the well-being of our stakeholders.

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